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"This site", "the site", "we", "us" or "I" means www.portuguesemusic.info. It is the same thing as ListenToPortugueseMusic.com, which is an alias name which points to the same content.

Both are owned by Ian Stobie, who is a blogger based in the UK. The site is a non-commercial educational and fan site aimed at people who are interested in finding out about Portuguese music, and at those learning the Portuguese language. Its focus is on the music, language, culture and history of Portugal, and of the independent island nation state of Cabo Verde.

"You" are a visitor to this site. These are the terms and conditions on which you may use this site and the content available on it.


These terms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, English law. The site is legally based in the UK and obeys the law of England and Wales, where any disputes should be settled. Both you and www.portuguesemusic.info agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.


Copyright in the site, including its words, lists, translations and other original content belongs to Ian Stobie © 2018 and 2019.

The site fully respects the rights of other copyright holders. In particular the music and videos presented here usually belong to other copyright holders, and are not hosted on this site. Instead this site follows standard blogging practice and links to them wherever they are hosted, for example on YouTube by using YouTube embed links. Further information about the copyright arrangements for each video is generally displayed at YouTube in the Description under the video window.

YouTube is owned by Google. While this site doesn't get money from Google or any other advertising, the artists producing the music shown on YouTube hopefully do. How much they get depends on the number of valid (defined by some deliberately obscure Google algorithm) requests for their material, and on the deal their record labels have negotiated with YouTube, which is also generally not made public. But hopefully viewing their material by clicking on the video links should make the rights holders some money.


This site carries no advertising. It is not monetized, gets no commissions and contains no affiliate links. Because its purpose is not to trade, it doesn't need to collect your contact details or personally identifiable information to deliver its content to you. At this time it doesn't have a newsletter, so it doesn't need your email address either. The general policy of the site is to collect as little personal information about you as possible.


However, the site does allow you to post public comments and participate in a forum, also known as a "discussion area". The provision of a comments and forum facility does require the collection of more information as a necessary part of providing the service.


Note that if you don't post comments or participate in the forum this extra information is not collected. Your use of www.portuguesemusic.info is then governed solely by the Terms of Use on this page, and the general Privacy Policy and Cookies statement applies.

But because the information requirements of the comments and forum service are different, their use is governed by separate Comments and Forum Terms of Use, and a separate Comments and Forum Privacy Policy details the information collected and how it is used. These are available on the links given below.


Terms of Use (this page, applies to all users of this site)
Privacy Policy and Cookies (applies to all users of this site)
Comments and Forum Privacy Policy
Comments and Forum Terms of Use.
Comments and Forum Community Guidelines


You can contact Ian Stobie by email at portuguesemusic@cantab.net

This page last updated 29 August 2019

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