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Be nice. Apart from that there's really not much to know. The purpose of this whole site is to increase knowledge, appreciation and understanding of Portuguese music and culture. As long as you are contributing to that - and behaving in a reasonably sensible and civil manner, you are very welcome here.

If you want to edit or delete a comment later, the controls are underneath your post at bottom right.
Edit is the pencil symbol, while delete is hidden behind the three line symbol (aka a hamburger icon) so you don't hit it accidentally.

If you delete a comment that has a lot of replies hanging off it, your post may be anonymised rather than deleted to preserve other people's contributions to the rest of the thread. The decision is up to the moderator.

Bear in mind when you make a comment or forum post you are contributing it to Ian Stobie and under a Creative Commons licence, so this decision really is up to us. See contributor agreement in the Comments and Forum Terms of Use.

Anonymisation destroys any personal data, so is enough to comply with the site's obligations to you under GDPR rules.

Normally though you can just delete any posts you have second thoughts about.


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